As you will know local business and traders have had a hard time over the past 18 months, the major factor being the closure, removal and replacement of Leadgate bridge.


Leadgate Taskforce, an affiliate group, is running a 12 month "Shop Local" campaign throughout 2017, details will be on their page.


There are many good reasons to "Shop Local"; it benefits not only local traders and businesses, but also the community as a whole.


Local Business provides not only local employment opportunities but also provide local and convenient shopping and trade outlets to all.


There is an obvious economic benefit to shopping local, not to mention the environmental advantages, perhaps when you are next in the area of our local shops you could pop in, find out what they have to offer and when you need something  shopping or service.


As part of the Taskforce campaign we will be building a local business directory on this website.

Leadgate Business Directory

Click on those listings with a Red outline to see more detail

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