Watling Wood Project


Leadgate Area Partnership applied to TESCO UK for a grant to improve Watling Wood with the following key objectives:


❒ Physical improvement of an open space

❒ Protecting or improving biodiversity

❒ Improving Well-being


The Project Aims to fulfil its objective by:


•  Installing a pond dipping platform

•  A boardwalk over particularly wet sections of footpath

•  Provide seating

•  Add native marginal plants to the pond to enhance the habitat diversity

•  To create a small damp meadow area


The Partnership, along with the other key Stakeholders, TESCO (Finance): Groundworks (Installations): and Durham County Council (Landowners): are co-ordinating this project which it is hoped will start in the Spring of 2017.







Update from Andy Plant on the Watling Wood Project

In the next couple of weeks we hope to see the development of Watling Woods with a couple of seats, a pond dipping platform, and an extension of the boardwalk thanks to Leadgate Partnership and Tesco's Bags of Help

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Watling Wood

Update on the Watling Wood Project - August 2017

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Watling Wood Progress end Jul 17

Update by Andy Plant: Two lovely benches available for weary dog walkers or early morning deer watchers or daydreamers or star gazers or old lovers or young lovers to sit and hold hands,...plus a few other bits developing

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Work is progressing well on the Watling wood project.


Click here to see the latest photo gallery.


 For more info on Watling Woods please visit  this link

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